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Achieve a Star-Quality Smile in as Little as Two Visits

Veneers are a cosmetic procedure that is a possible treatment option to improve the esthetics of your smile. In fact, many celebrities will use them to achieve a perfect smile and you can do the same. Prof.Dr. Siddik Malkoc has experience in understanding when dental veneers are the best option for his patients and will tailor a treatment plan based on your individual needs and expectations. Time is spent with patients going over possible treatment options and Dr. Malkoc makes sure that each patient is comfortable and understands the treatment and what the final result will look like before treatment is started. Interested in learning more about how our affordable veneers can improve your smile? Call our office (+90 555 034 73 78) or contact us online to schedule your consultation today!

Take Advantage of All the Benefits Veneers Offer!

Veneers are a treatment option for patients unhappy with the esthetics of their teeth. The confidence of a beautiful smile is always worth it. Here are just a few of the advantages that veneers offer:

  • A stunning smile can boost your confidence and lead to a happier life
  • They can correct poor tooth alignment in some cases
  • They can eliminate intrinsic staining such as tetracycline staining where bleaching does not help
  • They can correct poorly shaped teeth in some cases to provide best esthetic results
  • They are minimally invasive meaning you retain more of your original tooth

Here’s What You Can Expect
Some tooth structure is removed in order to make room for the veneer material that is used to prevent them from breaking. In some cases, very minimal prepping is needed. After prepping the teeth, Dr. Malkoc places temporary veneers that mimic what the actual cosmetic prosthetic will look like. It is during this time that the patient can state if they want to make any changes to what the veneers will look like. Once you’re happy with the esthetics, an impression is taken of the temporaries so that the lab can replicate the shape, size, and shade of the veneers for the final veneers.

When the veneers are back from the lab, Dr. Malkoc will remove the temporaries, try in the veneers with a temporary paste, so that you can approve the final look before they are cemented. Once approved, Dr. Malkoc cements the veneers with permanent cement and removes the excess cement and you will be ready to show off your brand-new esthetic smile!

Prof.Dr. Siddik Malkoc Combines Dental Science with the Skills of an Artist
Dr. Malkoc not only uses industry-leading techniques and labs, but also has an artistic attention to detail. With his background in studio art, Dr. Malkoc is able to use veneers to craft you a truly beautiful smile. He takes the time to understand your unique smile and will design personalized veneers that enhance not only the esthetics of your teeth, but your overall appearance too!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Determining if a veneer is suitable or a full-coverage crown is required depends on the extent of the tooth’s defects and the remaining amount of healthy tooth structure. For teeth with imperfections that cannot be remedied with a teeth whitening procedure, dental veneers often provide the desired cosmetic improvements. However, a significantly undersized, misshapen, chipped, or darkly stained tooth usually requires a full coverage crown.

Porcelain veneers are fabricated from the highest grade of dental ceramics, which reflect light in much the same way as the enamel of natural teeth. In addition to this feature, dental porcelain is resistant to stains and discolorations, keeping your smile white and vibrant for years to come.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin customized facings that become strong and durable once bonded to the underlying teeth. With proper hygiene and routine dental care, veneers provide a cosmetic solution that not only looks and feels completely natural but is also long lasting.

However, just as harmful oral habits can affect your natural teeth, they can also cause damage to your veneers. To prevent chipping, cracking, or dislodging a veneer, avoid nail biting, chewing on hard candies, ice, pens, or pencils, and opening bottles or other objects with your teeth. Also, remember to protect your smile on the playing field by wearing a properly fitted sports mouthguard.

Tooth grinding or bruxism is another important consideration in care. If you clench or grind your teeth, you may need to wear a night guard to help protect your new smile or discuss other options with our office.

As versatile as they are beautiful, dental veneers can be applied to a single tooth in need of cosmetic improvement or multiple front teeth to dramatically improve the look of your smile. Whatever the case may be, dental veneers provide highly satisfying results to create a smile; you’ll feel confident sharing with the world.

Among the many benefits offered by dental veneers is their ability to mask a range of imperfections at once. In addition to covering stains or discolorations on the front surface of a tooth, the size and shape of a veneer can also be customize to improve the tooth’s contours and dimensions. At the same time veneers create a whiter and more vibrant smile; they can also lengthen or widen a tooth, close minor gaps, and address other minor alignment issues.

The two most common types of veneers are porcelain veneers, also known as porcelain laminates, and composite veneers. Although porcelain veneers are the most commonly offered option in care, composite veneers fabricated directly on the tooth can also achieve excellent results. You may have also heard the term no-prep veneer. It refers to a type of porcelain veneer that requires little to no preparation of the underlying dental enamel. At your consultation visit, we’ll discuss your best options in care.

Once they’re in place, your veneers are also easy to care for and maintain. Simply by brushing, flossing, and visiting our office for periodic checkups, you can successfully protect and preserve your new and beautiful smile.